Find Your Passion … then Follow It

“How did you ever find the time to write your novel?” is one of the questions people ask when I tell them that my debut contemporary romance novel, Sweet Bliss, is being published. To answer that, I have to rewind a bit.

Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield, used to be, and still is, my go-to song. I like to think of life as an unwritten book — blank pages that you get to fill in with whatever storyline you dream up. Almost ten years ago, that dream was to become an accountant. I know what you’re thinking: Borrring. Well, I became one, and for a few years I was content and passionate about my career of choice. I had job security, a great paycheck, yada yada yada. But…

Surprisingly, or perhaps not at all, I realized being an accountant wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. I realized that passions evolve and multiply. Passions make life more vibrant, bring happiness, and define us as a person. You write the story of your life a certain way, but as you flip the pages, the storyline changes over time.

I love my husband; I adore my girls; I enjoy teaching, traveling, and cooking; and yes, most days I even enjoy my day job. But a couple of years ago I realized that I’m also passionate about writing. I’d got back into reading after taking a bit of a detour (read: became a parent — twice). I’d remembered how much I loved getting lost in a good book and living, vicariously perhaps, through fictional characters. That’s when I realized that I wanted to try it myself — I wanted to write. Once I started, it was like I found a missing piece of myself. The storyline and the characters I developed gave me an opportunity to escape into an alternate reality. Writing was my outlet, another thing that added to my bucket of “happy.” Like one of my favorite authors, Penny Reid, has said, “Do what it takes to be happy and be a source of happiness for others.” So I did.

How did I ever manage to fit it all in? It may seem impossible to do so without going crazy (and there were days that were most certainly cray-cray, I admit). But if it’s something you love, you’ll make the time. You’ll dedicate a few hours each night or day to yourself and surround yourself with people who support you, who want to see that dream of yours become a reality. It may require a few boosts of espresso or a spoonful or two of Nutella to keep you going, but you can always catch up on sleep later — that’s the one thing you can miss out on in life and not ever regret.

It’s never too late to pursue your passion, whatever that passion may be. Professional mattress jumper, ice sculptor, Elvis impersonator, robot counselor, or blimp pilot. Seriously, just go for it. Strive to find that next adventure in life. And once you find it, hold on to it. Pet it (in a non-weird kind of way). Most importantly, have fun with it. You never know where it will take you. Because life truly is unwritten.

I hope you enjoy Sweet Bliss, which obviously is most definitely written, and is available anywhere fine books are digitally sold. If you’d like to lose yourself in a world that’s lighthearted and sexy and live vicariously through some pretty fun fictional characters, you should go one-click that baby right now.

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